Grinding Mill Lining

PolycorpPolycorp Grinding Mill is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered rubber liner systems in North America. They have supplied rubber liners for more than 400 grinding mills worldwide in AG/SAG Mills up to 38 ft. and Ball Mills up to 24 ft.. They specialize in design and engineering of rubber mill liners for maximum power draw, throughput and wear life. Their designs allow for ease of installation resulting in shortened down-time requirements for mill maintenance.

POLYCORP’s mining product line includes:

PolystlTM Liners are the composite of a Special Wear Resistant Steel and High Pressure Moulded Rubber. These are suitable for AG Mills, Primary Mills and Ball Mills and grinding ball sizes 3-1/2” and larger. Used in combination with Rubber Plates to reduce overall weight of the assembly lower than steel lined mills, thereby reducing cost per ton of ore processed.

Combination Liners combine the advantages of steel lifters with moulded wear resistant rubber plates. Used in tough applicatiopolycorp_logons in AG Mills, SAG Mills, or primary ball mills using grinding balls 3-1/2” and larger.

Rubber Liners are chosen mostly for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Ball Mills and in many cases rubber components are best suited for specific areas in AG and SAG mills. Polycorp lifters are made of tough abrasion resistant rubber and designed for easy replacement without affecCanada's Best Managed Companiesting the shell plates since the shell plate wear cycle ratio is twice as long. They are available in a selection of profile designs, heights and to specific operating conditions to give excellent performance under various grinding mill duties.

Rubber Metal Pulp Lifters, Radial and Curved designs.These are suitable for AG / SAG and Primary Ball Mills. The Rubber Metal Pulp lifters are manufactured with specially hand laid rubber on the metal structure and easily retrofit onto existing bolt holes in the discharge head. They are specially designed to improve mill throughput and to avoid over grinding.Designed and manufactured with special wear resistant rubber for longer operating life and can also be designed with replaceable wear pads at maximum wear zones.

Rubber Grates are designed and constructed of High Pressure Moulded Wear Resistant Rubber.These grates are manufactured with moulded rubber on a steel frame and chord reinforcement to provide strength and flexibility to resist pressure and localized impact of the grinding charge.They have tapered slots to minimize the plugging with near size particles.Rubber grates are extensively used in AG / SAG and Primary Ball Mills.

Discharge Systems are a Polycorp specialty. They are suitable for AG / SAG and Primary Ball Mills. Rubber Dischargers are designed and manufactured with wear resistant rubber, hand laid on a metal structure, with the option of strategically located, replaceable wear pads in hard wearing zones.Polycorp’s Rubber Dischargers can be easily retro-fitted to replace steel dischargers with existing drilled holes in the discharge head.Our Rubber Dischargers are specially designed to improve mill throughput and to avoid back flow of slurry into the mill.Before shipping, the discharge end parts are assembled. This confirms hole alignments and serves to avoid any clearance and fit issues that may arise during installation.

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